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I can meet my true self. "Harmonia" is music that harmonizes the 13 chakras of our body in a healthier and richer way.
This CD is so much fun if you can heal and adjust your body, mind, and even your soul just by listening to it, and it will be in perfect harmony with the universe! It was born from such a feeling. It is recommended that you feel free to listen to it in various situations, regardless of the scene, without thinking too hard.
This music is a little new. Why don't you incorporate it into your life?

2013 Japan Recording ¥ 3000 Sold out in September 2018. thank you.

It was out of stock in 2020 and was out of print, but it was obtained by a small number of people concerned. .. .. ..

As the number is limited, please reserve it as soon as possible. .. ¥ 3000

13 Chakraを調和する音楽 Harmonia

SKU: 21354654
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