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​Movie by Hanasakara

Keiju`s Sound Reteatment Live Ticket 2022,3,26
Spiritual Journey holon Live 2022


A turbulent year that has continued since last year. .. 2022 . What came after Corona was a big political change ...
It may be a big pass! ??

In this NET live, we will focus on the frequencies that protect and guide you.
Healing Plays mainly music. It's a trip that starts around 21:00 and continues until around 3:00 the next day. It's a good idea to listen while sleeping comfortably. The video will be delivered at the same time, but I think it's good because you can see it at a later date.

Since FACEBOOK LIVE is used, it will be a healing concert for
FACEBOOK members only .
You can register as a member of FACEBOOK right away, so take this opportunity!

We want many people to feel this time, so we will offer it at a special price.
Those who apply until March 23 will get 20% off for 2000 yen .
After that, it will be ¥ 2500, so please do as soon as possible ...

Payment is accepted by credit card and PayPal.

Please note that the DL link of the ticket will be displayed on the WEB after payment is completed.

Please let us know if you have any deficiencies.
Please read the ticket carefully.

Bank transfer, postal savings Nakajima Keiju Symbol 15360 Ordinary number 16482981 Please transfer.
Please be sure to email us after the transfer . If you attach the receipt by sha-mail, we can respond quickly.
You can also deposit to PAY PAY ID: eurasiankei. ..

2022 March26 th Keiju`s Healing Concert  , is only for People who has Facebook account. 
You can join with Credit Card and Paypal.
After Paying
  , you will get Download link to get Ticket 
Please read it carefully.
Also you can watch video after concert, so time is quite free!

Sound Healing (2).jpg

A receipt and a secret map will be sent to the e-mail address that states that the deposit has been completed. Join the secret group of FACEBOOK from the map. It will be completed there. ..
If you do not receive a receipt, the remittance has not been completed yet.
If you get lost, please let us know

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