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Mountain people ​   Awa Aqua


Over a number of years, Keiju has travelled the world to see many countries, to know Mother Earth in all her forms and to bring his music to all who might benefit from it.

His style of music includes so many elements? Rock, jazz, folk, ethnic, classic and Indian which he combines to create something new and inspiring in the word of music, music that reaches out beyond the mind, representing the heart of Peace and joy to the people who are touched by his music.

About 20 years Keiju was based in Thailand where he developed his ideals and worked in many fields of music including pop, jazz, rock and writing movie scores with some of his songs selling more than 60,000 copies in Thailand. A top producer and session guy, he also played guitar on a number of million-selling albums and produced his own solo albums too.

For the last ten years of his stay there he was the producer / arranger and engineer for one of Thailand's biggest selling balladeers --Khun'Jae' Danuporn --with whom he also traveled the world visiting many countries.

Keiju then left the commercial side of music and went to study instead the rhythms and tonality of Indian and Balinese music, which helped shape his compositional and playing skills as well as broaden his writing skills, and widening the sound and appeal of his own special music ..

In 2002 he returned to Japan to devote himself to his music, his young family, and the fate of Mother Earth. Today, he, his wife and four beautiful children live deep in seclusion in the quiet and inspiring mountains of Japan.



Keiju Nakajima Keiju Nakajima


Departed Japan in 1987 aiming for the world. , Started activities in the Thai music industry on the way to Europe via BKK, and after that, based in BKK for more than 10 years, traveled to various places including Europe, mainly in Asia.

The main instruments are guitars, other Bali bamboo flutes "Surin", Indian folk music instrument "Sitar", traditional Greek stringed instrument "Bouzouki", multiplayer playing koto and synthesizer, and met at various destinations. Develop a unique sound by making full use of the instruments.

Announcing works worldwide from Los Angeles DOMO Records

In 2001, he was invited as the first musician to the event "Kamiyama Artist in Residence" held in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, which recruited artists from all over the world, and released a solo album "awa + aqua". Established a studio and residence in an old folk house in the mountains of Kamiyama, and continued activities in Japan


The style that mixes all genres such as Rock, Jazz, Classic, and folk music gives you a feeling of newness that touches your heart. Until 2001, based in BKK, he has been active in the Asian music scene for over 17 years, mainly composing and arranging and producing sounds.

Participated as the only Japanese in PROJECT MODAL TAPESTRY ORCHESTRA, which is a fusion of folk music and classical music held by the German southern national broadcasting station SWR.・ In the second year of Tens FES, MTO will appear on the same stage as a gift to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the SAX world's heavyweight Charlie Maria.


The number of participating titles, mainly in Thailand, has exceeded 350, and the songs are also provided to million-seller artists of Thai pop music. As a recent activity in Thailand, he is recording an album focusing on the activity with Thai national singer "Danuporn Kawekarn (Jae)".


Domestic activities include participation in the legendary blues band Break Down leader "Yoichiro Hatada" tour, live performance with R & B singer "Masaki Ueda", remote island tour with Okinawan folk song mogul "Masao Teruya", and popularity in Kansai. Reggae singer "Kaja", diva "Kuwana Halko, etc." In recent years, he has also been active with Otaka Shizuru, who has a unique singing world.


Playing at a resort hotel in Koh Samui, a resort area in southern Thailand, he met JAMIROQUAI's singer JEE and received rave reviews.

In 2001, he was invited as the first musician to the event "Kamiyama Artist in Residence" held in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, which recruited artists from all over the world, and released a solo album "awa + aqua". A studio will be set up in Kamiyama, and future activities in Japan will become more active.

As a leader himself, he also conducts regular tours with the improvisational band "Eurasian Rung" that uses folk music instruments, and is developing live performances all over the country.




1987 Moved to Thailand 
Regular appearance in BKK long-established JAZZ club "Brawn Sugar" `Saxphone`Grass`BlueMoon`WoodStock``ColaHall` etc.
-2001 BKK label Grammy, Stone, Sony, accompanied by recording and concert tours of many artists in Thailand


Recording & LIVE Participating Artists:

[Karowan] [Tae] [Summer] [XYZ] [JAE] [Charat] [Kampy] EnzoBand Infinity and others

Participated in more than 300 albums as a session guitarist, playing the guitar with numerous million-selling songs.

He will also participate in all the songs of Nardin, a Filipino saxophonist who is said to be Coltrane in the ASIAN JAZZ world.

Worked with T-bone Band for several years.


Artists participating in composition and arrangement:

Providing music to million-seller artists such as [XYZ] [JAE] [T-BONE Band] [Ann] [Gachoonsack] [FORD] 
[Gachoon Sack] Sales of 600,000 copies for the album "SA EHUEN LIC KA SIT"

199? La Beng is announced from Thailand's advanced Jazz Players such as Denny, Manop and a POP label called Stone Label, and it is a hot topic.

199? Grammy announces Solo album No Microphone

movie soundtrack:

  • Former Thai Prime Minister Chachai Chunnawan's son, a documentary film music producer directed by Kreisak
    Participated in the'Back of the Painting'directed by Thai master Chart Sonsi, and provided it for several other Thai films.


50th Anniversary Concert of the King of Thailand (Appeared as a representative of Japan) Prince of Denmark Secret Live In addition, participated in more than 350 titles in the Thai music industry, including support for new groups and solo artists 2002 In both Thailand and Japan Started activities and set up an activity base in Japan in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture

Continued music activities centered on the works of Thai national singer JAE Danuporn for more than 10 years.

IN  JAPAN & etc

1997- "Yoichiro Hatada" Tour 
1999 Performed a dedication performance at Nara Tenkawa Benzaiten

Formed "Eurasian Rung" 
"Kuwana HALKO" tour
"Masaki Ueda" Live Bird

Shizuru Otaka

2000-German Broadcasting Station SWR "MODAL TAPESTRY ORCHESTRA" Participating Musicians: Ken Zuckerman, Anindo Chatterjee, Maddid Khaladj, Christoph Grund, Benno Trautmann and others 

2001 Participated in "Artist in Residence" in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture

Awa Ichinomiya Oasa Shrine Dedication Performance

2002 Band Eurasian Rung album "Eurasian Rung" released
Solo album "awa + aqua" released

Dedication performance at Kinpusenji Zao-do (World Heritage) in Nara Yoshino

2003 Sponsored by Anan City, Tokushima'Mandala'Music of Mandala Dome with 500,000 Light Emitting Diodes Announced at the request of'Mandala Symphony'

2006 EURASIAN RUNG 2ND announced

2006 Dedicated'Awauta'to Awa Ichinomiya Oasa Shrine, this song becomes Heisei Kagura

2007 HALAKALA announced

2011 US DOMO RECORD (many Japanese ARTISTs who are active in Europe and America such as Kitaro Fujiko Hemming are enrolled) announces MANTRA and AWA + AQUA

Announcing Eurasian Rung 3

Shizuru Otaka <KEIJU Unit by Keisei ...

In charge of composition and performance of Harmonia, the music that adjusts CHAKRA in 2013 13.
As an indie, it sold tremendously, and the first edition reservation was sold out before the release.


2015 Providing music for'JOE's Tomorrow', a work depicting Joichiro Tatsuyoshi, directed by Junji Sakamoto

2016 Announced music'Rebirth` that incorporates Solfeggio frequency and Schumann resonance

2017 Moved the base from Awa Kamiyama to Izumo.

2018 Virtual OHENRO `Two people announced
Published on 2020 Lagoon Lullaby Net
2021 holon announcement


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