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2018,5,13 Release


The sound of Kukai's view of the universe ...

Healing frequency Music

Have you visited Shikoku?
His land is a sacred land with a unique vibration.
The custom of a pilgrimage that has been in the footsteps of Kukai for hundreds of years
It is said that it is giving birth to a holy barrier.
This is what I felt after living in this area for 15 years.
Before leaving this place, I tried to make the vibe look like a sound. ・ I completed the third work of the Hado trilogy, which was constructed as music based on the Healing frequency.
As Virtual OHENRO, we will deliver pilgrimage trips by sound to various places.
Solfeggio frequency. Schumann resonance wave. Dr. Life's frequency.
It is a work with a meditative, profound and Japanese sound mixed with healing sounds such as planetary orbital frequencies.

There are 13 songs on this CD, but the big 4 stages of the pilgrimage
1, Dojo of origin (Tokushima)
2, Training Dojo (Kochi)
3, Bodhi Dojo (Ehime)
4, Nirvana Dojo (Kagawa Prefecture)
It was built as music centered on a specific frequency used for frequency healing.

Planet Frequency & Schumann Resonance

What is said to be the breath of the earth is
Schumann resonance discovered by Dr. Schumann.
At a low frequency with 7.83hz as the fundamental tone,
It seems that it can be measured most strongly per ozone layer.

It has a great impact on the life forms on this earth,
Currently, it is difficult to reach the environment in which we live due to the influence of many artificial electromagnetic waves.
Now that 5G mobile radio waves have begun
Incorporating this Schumann wave into the living environment has become very important.

It may be related to the fact that it is almost the same as the number of alpha waves in the meditation of Zen monks.
It may be influenced by other planets as well.

Enjoy the resonance with the universe through this CD and turn your room into an Iyashirochi.
****************************************************** ************
Chakra Frequency & Solfegio Frequency

Born from Kabbalah numerology, which was also adopted in the previous work "Rebirth"
Solfegio frequency, which is said to be a miracle frequency.
And in the first work, "Harmonia", we made music corresponding to 13 chakras, which is a further subdivision of the 7 chakras of ancient Indian yoga teachings.

Since ancient times, a lot of meditation music has been made to adjust the chakras.
It seems that there are quite a lot of ideas about the frequency corresponding to the chakra,
Above all, I would appreciate it if you could pay attention to feeling the universe and resonating with the outer space created by the pilgrimage.

****************************************************** ************
Rife`s frequency

Royal Raymond Rife, invented the "Universal Microscope" in 1933, an optical microscope with a magnification of 31000 times, which was comparable to the early electron microscopes at that time.
The feature was that it became possible to observe even a virus of a specific color that was alive.

He discovered that these viruses resonate when exposed to light of a specific frequency, and developed a system that can discover living tissues and microorganisms by means of polarization and prisms. It was also discovered from observations with this device that many pathogens could be destroyed by electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency, and in fact many sick people were cured, and later they were cracked down by a pharmaceutical company, and all the devices and materials were destroyed. He was a genius scientist of luck.

In recent years, the materials that were thought to have been completely lost have been preserved and released by Dr. Rife's understanding.
It is now available for viewing by us. .. The material is really huge,
Some of the frequencies that can be the main music are covered in this CD.


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