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 Solfeggio Frequencies Music

2016.8.23 Release

Feel the heartbeat of the earth
Guided by space consciousness
May it lead to harmony between heaven and earth
The sound that carries a mysterious wind as if you met a divine and pure waterfall in a deep forest

Movie by Movie by Shaka Film,
& Oco Emotion

Art direction by Hidamali Glass

Healing sound Solfegio frequency sound

Solfeggio Frequencies
Blessed phantom sound that rejuvenates the solfeggio frequency cells and mind


Schumann Resonance
The heartbeat of the earth that makes the Schumann resonance field an Iyashirochi (sacred place)

With a pleasant breeze that blows through the mountains

Rocks that have existed there since ancient times, the pure water that seeps out of the rocks,

Mountains that show seasonal expressions ... This is Kamiyama, Tokushima Prefecture.

Rebirth was born in Kamiyama, where I lived for 15 years.

Rebirth was created based on the solfeggio frequency, which is said to be a healing sound.

All songs incorporate Schumann resonance, which is said to be the breath of the earth.

We hope that you will feel the heartbeat of the earth and become a bridge to a new era.

May it be opened to the consciousness of the universe and lead to the harmony between heaven and earth.

With such a prayer ...

July 16, 2016

174Hz ・ Basics of expansion and evolution of consciousness

Expansion and promotion of consciousness from 285Hz / multidimensional area

396Hz. Freedom from sin, trauma and fear

Chakra 1

417Hz. Recovery from negative situations , promotion of transformation

Chakra 2

528Hz. Conversion to ideal, miracle, cell recovery

Chakra 3

639Hz. Rehabilitation of connections and relationships with people

Chakra 4

741Hz. Improvement of expressiveness, problem solving

Chakra 5

852Hz. Awakening and awakening of intuition

Chakra 6

963Hz. Higher dimension, connected to cosmic consciousness

Chakra 7

Listener's impression

I'm listening to "REBIRTH".
You can enjoy the scenery of Kamiyama Falls and the clear air here as well.
During this time, when my sleeping dog, Ryu, became the 9th song and the sound of the bell rang,
I got up quickly, started walking, and went to the cushion of the Buddha who was loved, so I was surprised.
He said, "I went to worship the Buddha. It's amazing." I went back to the tatami room and went to bed.

MM woman

It made me feel like I was in nature.
The space in the room was also in harmony.

I went to work this morning with repeats. The moment I got home, when I got home, it was a very pleasant place.
The particles in the house were like fog. It will be in harmony no matter where you play it. A cat came to play and was sleeping by the side of the CD deck.

TK   male

The CD jacket is also very nice! And sound * is wonderful after all ✨

When I listened to it, I felt healed as if I had returned to my hometown, and the feeling of kindness and grandeur that seemed to accept me with both hands open, tears overflowed and my heart seemed to fully open, which was irresistible. *

Do you live in Tokushima now? I also dream of living in nature.

How wonderful it is to live in nature while feeling awe . Thank you for your support *

C. K woman

After listening to it for the first time, I felt very heavy and depressed for a while, but when I woke up in the morning, I was refreshed with "that?".

It's very easy to listen to, so after listening to it many times, my head feels refreshed and my body feels comfortable.

After seeing the rainbow, I feel that Rebirth has solved all the problems I had been worried about for a long time .

It was good to listen to it live, but it seems that it is being purified in a place where something is hard to find ...

I like to look at the jacket while listening to music.

It has become a very important CD. I want to go to Kamiyama.

KK woman

I listened to it. very nice! It's a tremendous album. I want as many people as possible to listen to it ...

K. T male

I went home listening to a CD in the dim mountains. Keiju's music and the lights of the sky, mountains and houses that look like the morning at night are beautiful and really moving, and my son said, "This music and the scenery look like something other than the earth." I did.
I'm happy to hear that the scenery I've seen so far looks like a new world that has been reborn. I want to convey this vibration to the people around me.

M. I woman

In the space of this place ... And softly in my own body ... Purely ... It's like a pleasant sound flowing around. It's a soft feeling that blends in with the air and sound of this place . I'm leaving myself to float fluffy ...

I will listen to this work over and over again from now on. I just told you what I felt today when I first listened to this work .

KEIJU was born with music and lived with music ...

Thank you very much for meeting KEIJU .

Y. T woman



The most central door vibrated when I was convinced that it would come suddenly, and the door that could not be released except when all the timings were perfectly matched .
The sound that directly resonates with the five senses and the sound of a single unit are exquisitely combined, and it seems to be the ultimate album that will open the door with the power of sound that exceeds conviction.



It was a very strange feeling. In a studio like a spaceship on a mountain, cells that were sleeping in a shower of minute sonic vibrations were awakened, awakened the memory of mitochondria long ago, and repeated cell awakening with a sense of security as if held in the mother's womb. Before I knew it, I remembered Hataraki, who had been deeply absorbed in it.
Atara Shiku Umale Kawatta! Kanji. And the Re: birth session flashed! thank you.

YM woman

Listening to Keiju's spinning sound is like soaking in a good quality hot spring (although I've heard most of his sound sources released so far).
I think Rebirth is a sound bath where you can experience the rebirth of cells.
MN male

Is it more like a deep meditation that you can feel with your whole body rather than listening with your ears ?

I saw a woman dancing in the temple. It was like looking at the woman from above.

Eventually the woman noticed me. In the woods of a different country, I saw a woman decorating flowers and holding a festival.

As I looked at it as if flying in the sky, the woman soon noticed me. This is my first experience.

I don't know what that means, but it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience that left a strong impression on me. thank you.

HA women

The sound swelled in many dimensions, and it was like a large flowing creature that was connected and separated intricately in layers.
The main impression was that I heard it in that room, so I wondered if my ears could be seen so wide and far at the same time.

It was a shock. Live painting marked as music.

Moreover, it is amazing that it can be played many times. So that you can see big events and accidents of details without spilling

If you don't listen to it with good equipment, it will look like a picture on a postcard ! I thought.
The feeling of listening, even though it's actually wider,
makes me realize that I'm still alive.
It's like that. Keiju-san, are you making it using sound?

Sound can be held, separated, put in various colors, and music is infinitely interesting.
This isn't particularly the impression of that album.
SK woman


The moment I listened to the frequency of the first song, I got the impression that the air in the room changed completely and became a refreshing air.
I felt like I was in a waterfall full of negative ions. I felt very refreshed

(Women in their 30s, self-employed)


■ I felt that sound changes the "place".

Listening to this work in the room I always spend in, made me feel like I was in a different place.

(Female / office worker in her 40s)

■ The moment of waking up in the morning When reading a book When writing a letter When falling asleep ... I want to listen to it in every aspect of my daily life. "Rebirth" is a time when everyday life becomes extraordinary, and I really like it and cherish it (female in her 60s, housewife)
■ I use it at the time of treatment. We are very pleased to be able to provide deep healing to our customers. I feel that the effect of the sound is very large even in the treatment scene. (Male in 40s, chiropractor)

■ I think human hearing is a special organ among the five senses. I was very interested in the psychological effects of listening to "Rebirth" (male in his 30s, office worker).

■ I've always loved the sound world of keiju, and I've been to live concerts many times. This work incorporates Solfegio frequency and Schumann resonance, making it a work that makes you forget about your daily life and warp to another dimension. It was very nice. I listen to it many times every day. (Male in 40s, office worker)


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