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Mother Ocean  by by  Keiju

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As depicted in the movie The Matrix, the space we live in is ours

It can be said that it is a space projected by the consciousness of the mind.

If so, it must be said that the appearance of the radioactively contaminated land and ocean after 311 is probably the product of our hearts.


The mind is free ...
Then, in my heart, this polluted land and ocean again

Would you like to draw it in its original beautiful state?
Whether it is possible or impossible in reality

By the way ...!

First of all, what you can see by floating in the sound and freeing your mind

Please enjoy yourself.

In particular, H2O AQUA is said to be a miracle substance.

It is also said to be the substance that most accepts vibrations.

Let's fly the vibration of our prayer there ~~!


I designed a sound that can amplify the vibration of your consciousness


If you are interested

Would you like to let your consciousness fly there?



Be prepared to calm your mind before listening.

Maybe the space around you is important?

Please make it easy without stretching your shoulders ...


And start listening to the sound

Click the MOTHER OCEAN button on the left



Your consciousness is floating on the sea
And as your consciousness gradually awakens

Please imagine


Your sleeping shamanic abilities will awaken

You will gradually become one with the waves and the marine life.

You are like a fetus in amniotic fluid

It is full of energy.

You are connected to the energy from space

Surrounded by beautiful light up to the beginning

You leave yourself to the flow and live there with life

It will be wrapped in a dazzling glow.



Feel free to inflate your image in the sound like this

Please see.


You can listen to it through speakers,

It will be even more effective if you listen with headphones.


Immediately after hearing this sound

Please refrain from driving a car for a while.


And if you like it

Please tell this sound to your friends.

And that more people's consciousness reaches the sea
Please spread out.


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