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Eurasian Run's long-awaited second album is finally here as a live album!
An album created based on the sound source of the Japan tour from 2003 to 2005. A work where you can enjoy the groove feeling unique to live performances.
A tribal sound that transcends national borders A sound that evokes the image of world peace

Kosei Yamamoto, Keiju, Kinya  Makoto Shinto

Eurasian Rung 2nd

2003 Produced as'Mandala Symphony', a music of the Mandala Dome of 500,000 light emitting diodes, sponsored by Anan City, Tokushima, a town of light emitting diodes. ..

2020,4 We have remastered to improve the sound quality and started download sales.

Light Mandala Symphony

Halakala Waka no Sato Shinwakaura  [Moon Festival] that lasted for 10 years centered on BAGUS. Beyond the boundaries of artists and audiences, it continues to be talked about as a place where everyone who participates can become one with joy. Kayo, who had opened this [Moon Festival], naturally collaborated with a musician he met through the festival to create a Bagus band. He is still active. [Halakala] While member Ozaza was traveling in India, Keiju, who was active in the major scene at BKK in Thailand, visited Benares to learn sitar. Ozaza is also a festival staff member and leads Keiju to Wakayama where the three meet. After that, he co-starred in sessions at festivals, and [Halakala] was born with the release of this album. Jacket by Wooky Hujiwara.

2020,4 We have newly mastered to improve the sound quality and started download sales.


Wakayama Shinwakaura An acoustic band that can be described as a miraculous gathering of five samurai who met at the moon festival in Wakaura. The sound of cross-bordering a number of folk instruments without being caught up in preconceived ideas presents a very powerful antithesis in the present world. All things are based on the image. It is a rare band that can bring out positive imagination from people. 2001

2020,4 We have remastered to improve the sound quality and started download sales.

Eurasian Rung 1st

Humanbeing Project
Announced in 1995
A compilation album where you can listen to the collaborations of many ARTISTs that you encountered during KEIJU's journey.

It contains a wide range of music, from folk music to ambient and electric pop-touch songs. Recording is also in France and Germany. It covers a wide range of areas such as Bali, Thai jungle, Malaysia, India, and Japan, and contains the air of raw land that is different from the current non-world MUSIC, which is just sampled. It consists of songs picked up from PAGAN, MANTRA, 2Rock Stars in Exile and other small PROJECT. This is my first self-produced CD.

Participation ARTST KM Shankar  Sam Maetani.
Benno Trautmann, Paul chenard, Oool Fjolkunnigr.
Kraisak Choonnhan,  Manop Varonitipas, Manila Hazla
Akemi Yamagisi

Humanbeing Project

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