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 Halakala  Harakara


Harakara is also a compatriot and represents the uterus.
Deep energy that reminds us of our fundamental energy
It's in the world of Kayo's poetry and melody.
Please touch the song that shakes your soul.

A love and peace festival [Moon Festival] that has been held for 10 years at [BAGUS] in Shinwakaura [Kimuraya], Wakayama City.
Beyond the boundaries of artists and audiences
It continues to be talked about as a place where everyone who participates can become one with joy.
Kayo, who had opened this [Moon Festival], naturally collaborated with the musicians he met through the festival, and the Bagus band was born.

[Halakala] While member Ozaza was traveling in India, Keiju, who was active in the major scene at BKK in Thailand, visited Benares to learn sitar. Ozaza is also a festival staff member and leads Keiju to Wakayama where the three meet. After that, he co-starred in sessions at festivals, and [Halakala] was born with the release of this album.


2020. 🔟 9

.. Newly mastered for higher sound quality,
We have started download sales.
If you have a CD, please ask.


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