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The sound that protects you

The etymology of holon is Whole or Holy.
It's a Word that is whole and contains parts at the same time.
I made this sound with prayer so that the unbalanced human beings can walk the path of harmony again.


This album constructs the Schumann resonance wave, which is said to be the breath of the earth , the Solfeggio frequency, and the frequency that works on the body parts and symptoms derived by Dr. Raymond Life, a genius scientist who was active at the beginning of the 20th century, as Tonal. I am making my first attempt to compose music there. ..
Please experience it!

CDバージョンからさらに進化した周波数Versionの同曲を今回CDとは別に3曲 更にワクチン後遺症のHealing Song1曲を
先着99名様にDLプレゼントいたします。   2024.4.2より 受付開始


今回 2024年4月 新たに 先着99名様まで ご購入いただいた方に

新たに 周波数を 強力化したVersionを3曲をダウンロードでプレゼントする準備をしています。

(2024Version 2023年までに一部の方にお渡ししたVersionとはまた違う 新しいものとなります)
CD VERSION にさらに周波数を2~5つ加え、再微調整しました。
更に ワク◎後の合併症のヒーリング周波数を使った新曲も プレゼントすることにしました・
ということで 全部で4曲となります。・。 
購入の際可能であれば G mail も持っておられると
持っていれば そのアドレスも添えていただけるとありがたいです。

01 --Healing Prayer Thrombus Tonal

02 --Play       Microvascular coronary artery Tonal

03 --Kannon       Ovary Tonal

04 --Ponyo's Ryugu Ω Tonal

05 --Holy plant   Covid19 Tonal
06 --Sennin no Mori
   Parasympathetic Tonal   

07 --Philosopher's Stone   Immune system Tonal

08 --Heavenly Light  All chakra Tonal

09 --Holy water       Liver Tonal
10-Forest Wizard
   3rd Eye Opening Tonal

11-Miroku      Heart Tonal   
                          All 68 minutes

This two-disc album is `Tonal Music` ...

What is Tonal? ??

It means tonality in music.
And it's a place of vibration that I think. .. It's the universe

In the place where several combined frequencies weave, there is a universe where unique power is born and connected.

In this sound source, I made music around some combinations of Tonal as the core.

These two albums are inevitably born from the current situation on Earth.


"Lago on Lullaby" was announced in the spring of 2020, for all so-called corona systems.
I made it with Tonal.


"Holon" was announced in October 2021.
Considering the society after the 2021 vaccine,
Born based on the frequency derived by Dr Rife
It's Tonal music

With your own imagination
Please turn on the soul with this sound.



01 --Hama no Komoriuta-A  Corona  Tonal

02 -  Underwater garden 
       Infulenzum Toxicum Tonal

03 --Sandy beach inhabitants  
      Corona Sars Tonal

04 --Hama no Komoriuta-B     Corona Tonal

05 --Space Amoeba     
Solfeggio frequency 528 & 396hz
   (Conversion to ideals, miracles, cell recovery. Free from guilt, fear and anxiety)
06 --Geomagnetism
    Mold and Fungus Tonal

07 --Sunfish love     Regeneration  Tonal 
(The same name songs of 01 and 04 have different types
Tonal is included)
   All 60 minutes

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