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Lagoon Lullaby Net Live

2020.5.22-24 3Days I will make Net Live Healing performance for Facebook member only this time.

This is a kind of Experiment for our unconsciousness connection with Universe .....!

Please listen to Live with Stereo Earphone or Headphone ... it should be Stereo !!
otherwise you do not hear some important frequency.

Also After you pay, you will get Dr Rife`s Healing Frequency for keeping you away form Corona.

take care time plan is written as Japan Time. !!!

After payment has completed, you will be invited to the Grope where you can see the Movie.
So please be friend of keiju nakajima or  join to Artist page Keiju

will save Video in the Grope for 1 week,
so you can see it even live has some problems,
If some line problem happened, I suggest you to down the
  Video Rate on Facebook, then you  will have no cutting sounds.

May 22nd and 23rd Friday and Saturday START21: 30 ~
May 24th START 14: 00 ~~

Lagoon Lullaby.
I made it in a form that goes one step further into the HEALING frequency that I have cultivated in the Hado trilogy so far.
Therefore, I decided to set a target and do netLIVE in the era after Corona, including those songs.

Feel plenty of Schumann waves leading to Akashic Records and get an inspiration for the awakened new era.

****************************************************** *****************************
We are planning to hold 3 days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday ...
Friday and Saturday start at 9:30 pm, and on Sundays from 2:00 pm, about 2 to 2 and a half hours each (with a break on the way)
LIVE is planned

Basic stereo (this is important) Listen with earphones or headphones. .. I think that you can enjoy it enough if you have something like the earphone that comes with IPHONE. ..
If you have a good sound system
I would like you to prepare it and lie down between the two speakers to listen. And listen in a stable WIFI environment.
****************************************************** ******************

Rather than a lot of people. .. I would like to ask those who are interested in this kind of thing. .. If you have such friends, please let me know. ..
It is also an experiment of how far you can go by connecting your consciousness to the space consciousness with Schumann waves and synchronizing your consciousness with everyone ~~!


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